Sunday, April 19, 2015

Knot News: Eric Iverson's Northern Victory Series Receives Television Adaptation

This is a Knot News Update!

Our latest entertainment report is sure to please all you alternate history fans out there.  Eric Iverson, often referred to as the Master of Alternate History, has recently come to an agreement with HBO Entertainment to produce an adaptation of his popular Northern Victory series.  For those who don't know, the Northern Victory series (also known as Timeline-191) takes place in an alternate universe in which the United States won the War of Confederate Succession and follows the victorious United States over the ensuing years.  

"I never thought this day would come, but it very excited to see my work come to life like this," says Iverson. 

HBO has ordered an initial first season of thirteen episodes, planing to adapt the first four books of the twelve book series.  If the initial run proves successful additional seasons will be ordered, and possibly Iverson's other works as well.  Other works considered for adaptation include WorldWar, set in a world where aliens did not invade in the middle of the Second World War.  There's also his famous Agent of Istanbul, in which the Byzantine Empire fell to Muslim invasion in the 15th century.  

However, despite much enthusiasm from the alternate history and science fiction communities, not all alternate historians are greeting this news so happily.  As Iverson is the most prolific alternate history writer, he is also subsequently one of the most criticized alternate history writers.  The messaging board remains incredibly skeptical of the recent news. 

"I mean, I guess it's good that it brings new fan to the genre, but those book are completely SPD," says prominent board member Thande.  

SPD is an acronym for Space Punching Dragons, a common alternate history fan expression for work that involve supernatural points of divergence, or are considered extremely implausible. 

"Next thing you know we'll be flooded with noobs posting timelines about how the British could have resisted Operation Sealion," says mapmaker Bruce Munro. 

"Everyone needs to just chill, it could be worse, but I will say that Adolph Hitler character was clearly in expy of Jake Featherston ," adds Sean Korsgaard.

We decided to get another view on the matter, so we contacted Matt Mitrovich of the popular blog The Alternate History Weekly Update.  Known across the Internet as by the name Mitro, Mr. Mitrovich had this to offer:

"I think this is one of the greatest things to happen to our fandom for quite some time.  Iverson is one of my person idols, and I'll be sure to tune in.  As for the claims that it's unrealistic, so what?  When you get down to it there's plenty of things in World History that seem kind of out there.  There's the Empire of Draka's conquest of Africa, there's the Aztec Moon Landings, Japan's discovery of the New World, the founding of the United Arab States and the list goes on and on."

We attempted to contact Jordan Harbour, host of the popular Twilight Histories alternate history television series, but he was busy with his lawyer negotiating the rights to an upcoming series of movies based on his award winning multi-million dollar television series.  

If nothing else, we here at Knot News are very excited for Mr. Iverson and his upcoming series.  We're also sure that we'll bring you reviews as soon as the episodes come out.  You can bet that if you stick with Knot News you'll have the news as soon as it happens.  

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