Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fan Art and Commissions #2

I think it's time for another showcase of fan art and commissions so let's get right on it.  Our first commission is brought to us courtesy of Swedish artist LadyLoriel.  Its another one based on The Adventures of the Silver Bullets fanfic, in fact, that's its title.  Let's take a look at it shall we?

I know that many of the characters look a tad off, but that's real a result of the artist's particular style more than anything else.  On the whole I'm very happy with the way this one turned out.  Great to see my vision come to life. I especially love the order everyone is in and how, even though the artist didn't intend it, Al and Mizore look like they're holding hands.  Anyway, who's up for some maps?

This map is based on Easternized World from The AltHistory Wikia.  It was created by Bruce Munro, a very famous map maker in the online alternate history community.  Easternized World is an alternate history where East Asia, rather than the West, became the dominate colonial and cultural power of the world.  It remains one of my favorite alternate history scenarios and I love the ways Bruce put his person style on it.  You really do want to check out the Deviantart page for the full description Bruce provides.  

And here's another scenario from the AltHistory Wikia that I had Bruce cover for me.  This one is called Aztec Empire and it features a world where the Aztec Empire never falls.  Its a really interesting scenario, thought you can tell at times that the author was young and inexperienced, and I like how Bruce was able to iron out the creases with his take on the scenario.  Again, check out the Deviantart link for the full description for the best experience. 

Here's one from our pal Shinoharaa.  It's Kurumu Korono as Sailor Neptune.  I case you're wondering the answer is yes, I do intend to commission a full set of sailor senshi and then some.  Well I can't think of anything else to add about this one, so let's move on.

And here we see Kurumu's loving, I mean "cousin" Milly Ashford as Sailor Uranus.  I really think I did a good job with my selections of these two.  In Code Geass it's pretty much stated that Milly, and most Britannians for that matter, is bisexual.  Meanwhile, Kurumu certainly had her moments with Mizore.  Speaking of Mizore...

I'll conclude this post with an honorable mention.  Mizore Shirayuki as Sailor Mercury.  I didn't actually commission this one, but I certainly looks like something I would have commissioned.  This is the one that lead me to Shinoharaa, never in my wildest imagination did I expect to find such art for so cheap a price.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

Well, that's enough art for one blog post.  I hope you had a great time as usual, and maybe we'll get to do this again soon.  I'll see you next time.    


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Flag of The Union of Catalonia and Occitania

This is the flag of The Union of Catalonia and Occitania. It come from a world where the Black Death killed 80% of the populations of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Among other things this meant that the Renaissance never happened, Europe remained backwards and Medieval, West Africa became the heart of Islam and Islam itself liberalized a fair bit.

Over the years the nations of East Asia and West Africa became major colonial powers. Fortunately, Catalonia and Occitania have managed to avoid colonization. Their citizens are evenly mixed between followers of the Catharist faith and those who follow the pope in Avignon. They are also noted for being more tolerant and less fanatical than their neighboring nations. It is because of that tolerance that Catalonia and Occitania has become a major trading hub and center of learning. In fact, they have one of the highest literacy rates in all of Europe.  

Catalonia and Occitania are also famous for their food and wine. Their largest cities include Barcelona, Marseilles and Toulouse. With merchants from throughout the world visiting their ports, a high education rate and relative peace it might be possible that Catalonia and Occitania will be a major leader in getting Europe respect on the world stage.