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Adventures of the Silver Bullets

So in this post we're going to talk about the other pride and joy of my fanfiction career besides Penjackson.  This post is all about Adventures of the Silver Bullets.  I conceived it as a massive crossover with the entirety of fiction at my finger tips.  Basically, the thinking I had for the series is that all fiction is true, but not all fiction is an accurate representation of what happened.  This allowed for characters being slightly off kilter and for me to thinker and juggle things around for the sake of plot.

The setting is actually a multiverse so that anything mutually contradictory could be relocated to a different universe.  Of course, travel between universes is pretty common in these worlds.  Anyway, the plot is that L, the great detective of DeathNote, has assembled a team of young heroes to fight crime in the city of New Avalon and beyond.  Said team includes Percy Jackson, Kurumu Kurono and Mizore Shiriyuki, Edward and Alphonse Elric, and Mako and Bolin.  Joining them would have been a wide selection of former heroes to serve as their mentors including Tenzin, Izumi Curtis and Major Armstrong, and Kraft Lawrence and Holo the Wise Wolf.   

As the title suggests, I originally intended it to a lighthearted Silver Age of Comic Books-esque parody of various tropes and conventions with a fairly episodic nature to it.  Before we go any further I should point out I only ever put out two posts of it, I hit a block with the third and got side tracked by various other things.  So, most of this will be about what I had planned more than what I actually got out.  Just letting you know.  

Anyway, as I planned the series out in my head I decided to keep the lighthearted and episodic tone, but I wanted to allow for character development and exploring some of the darker aspects of the various worlds and characters I used.  For example, Percy start out with a very silly, goofy, happy-go-lucky personality and a perpetually sunny disposition.  Later, however, it becomes apparent that this is a mask he wears to deal with the pain and loss he experienced fighting in the Titan War.  Mizore, meanwhile, has to deal with the whole yuki-onna are sterile by their mid-twenties thing.  That, and dodging repercussions from the yokai community, lead to her wondering about moving to America permanently.  

Then there were the things I figured would make interesting plots, but might have gotten me in trouble with various fangirls.  To start, I was planning on having Mako come out of the closet.  Given how Korra and Asami are canonically lesbian this was pretty Hilarious in Hindsight.  Other people slated to come out of the closet included Nico Di Angelo, and keep in mind that was before he canonically did as well.  However, the biggest shocking swerve was a heterosexual romance.  I was planning on pairing Percy and Kurumu together.  I had originally intended them to have a brother-sister relationship, but the more I worked it out in my head the more I liked them as a couple.             

The villains would very from affably evil punk clock evils, to down right scary.  They were to be part of an organization known as the League of Evil People Doing Evil Things in a Very Evil Way.  They were from across fiction, but lead by the mysterious Man in the Ivory Mask.  The big real was that he was in fact none other than...Harry Potter.  Yeah, in the world of the Silver Bullets the Harry Potter books didn't exactly match up with what actually went down.  That was really an end of series reveal, nothing would be the same and there would be no going back after that point.  

The biggest factor to the cosmology of the series would have been L.  One of the big revelations was to be that he was in fact an immortal almost god-level being, and I could never quite name what his kind would be called.  He would have been thousands of years old, and would have been involved in a polyandrous relationship with about four wives and one husband; said group included Urd, Princess Celestia, Kraft Lawrence and Holo the Wise Wolf.  However, his favorite was always Elsa, but she'd died many years ago, and he would have still been very much impacted by her passing.  

Another big revelation would have been that L was secretly the father of one of the Silver Bullets.  Quick, which if the Bullets looks most like L?  If you said Mizore, then ding, ding, ding, you said the magic word!  Speaking of sudden relations it was going to be a plot point that Percy and Mizore were both descendants of the royal house of Arendelle via Anna and Kristoff, and thus indirectly Elsa as well.  

Well, enough seriousness, let's talk about some of the fun I had planned.  I had so many great ideas that I never got around to realizing.  I had plans for an episode (as I call the chapters) that had Inuyasha team up with the Bullets, but he gets in trouble for destruction of public property and has to perform community service.  Said community service being to volunteer at a summer camp, and having to deal with Percy's perpetually sunny attitude.  Inuyasha initially tires to get fired, but comes to find he likes working with kids.  Also, Lovecraftian monstrosities show up and ass-kicking ensues.  

Another planned idea I had was for the Bullets to enter a racing competition, either for charity or because some villains were in the competition as well.  Ed was to be the driver with everyone else as pit crew, but he gets amnesia in a training accident.  While everyone else tries to get Ed's memory back, Al and Mizore go to train in the art of "car-ate" under the guidance of Keiichi Morisato.  Unfortunately, they don't have a car, but Ms. Frizzle loans them the Magic School Bus.  At the end of the episode the Ah! My Godess character move in with the team.  

I'd also planned for the Silver Bullets to travel to the planet Zur-En-Arrh to team up with their counter parts.  I'd also planned stories featuring alternate universe counterparts to the Silver Bullets, including one universe where they're villains rather than heroes.  Of course, since the Silver Bullets are an international organization with multiple branches, there was always the potential for exploring other teams, or teaming up with other characters.  I'd even had a big event involving Bullets from multiple teams temporarily becoming Power Rangers.  

You're probably wondering why I had them in a fictional American city if I had so many anime characters.  The reason is that I know how to fake an American city better than I can fake a Japanese city.  Also, it came with some great Fish Out of Water moments.  I also planned a series of recurring gags, like Ed not believing Percy is really a demigod, Bolin lusting after Kurumu while she lusts after Ed, Mizore and Al having weird skills they learned from late night TV, and much more.  

I could go on, but I'd be rambling.  Hey, it my blog and I can do whatever I please.  No, I should wrap it up.  Clearly, I was very excited about Adventures of the Silver Bullets.  I still think about it and get new ideas a lot.  Maybe I'll update it again some day, or maybe I'll post snippets of ideas here to the blog.  All isn't necessarily lost, however, I've recently commissioned some art based on the fanfic on Deviantart, and I've got to tell you I'm very excited and please with the results.  Expect that in a future post or two.  

Now that we've covered my FanFiction we can move on to my poems and prose I posted on Fictionpress.  That's a post for next time, and I'll see you then.  

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