Thursday, February 19, 2015

Flag of the Most Selene Republic of Luna

Before we talk about this flag I'd like to take a moment to thank Matt Mitrovich from Alternate History Weekly Update for all of the promotions and mentions he's given this blog.  Those we're very much appreciated and it's alway nice to see someone help get the word out about the blog.  And now for the flag.     

I made this flag after listening to Across the Terminator over at Clarkesworld Magazine.  If you haven't read/listen to it I strongly recommend that you do.  It's is an excellent story.  One of Clarkesworld's best stories.  It made me wonder what would happen if the United States and China were to colonize the Moon, and what if those colonies were to seek independence from their mother nations.  

The flag of the Most Selene Republic of Luna. Originally a collection of American, Chinese and assorted third party colonies on the moon. The colonies had been established at the hight of the Chinese-American Cold War in an attempt by both nations to one up each other, and in hopes that if things turned hot at least some humans would survive and repopulate Earth. Various other nations also contributed colonies of their own for various reasons. Although highly suspicious of one another initially, before long the colonies grew closer together and put aside their differences in the name of science, discovery and the greater good of humanity.

Unfortunately, Washington and Beijing didn't take too well to their colonies getting so chummy. Tensions hit and all time high when alien plant life was discovered deep within a lunar crater. Both nations ordered their colonies to destroy the samples lest the enemies gain a major scientific breakthrough. At this point the colonies, weary of the Cold War and more than self-sufficient, decided to officially sever ties with their mother nations and declare independence. The fact that many children of mixed parentage, and thus uncertain citizenship, had been born only served the increase the calls for independence.

The flag is a combination of the American and (republic) Chinese flag. Some had wanted to use the PRC flag, but it was decided the the sun symbol would better symbolize both the dawn of a new era and new nation. And after all, what difference did symbols of Earth have on the moon?

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