Friday, May 1, 2015

Poem: From Where All Gods Spring

It's time once again for another poem.  This one is called From Where All Gods Spring.  The rhyming scheme was inspired by a combination of Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales and the works of William Blake.  Perhaps a little ironic for a poem with atheistic themes, but I like their works so it rubbed off on me.  This poem was also featured as part of Pandora, the artistic magazine of Centenary College of Louisiana.  There really isn't too much more to say, besides that the poem is my musings on the origins of religion, gods and humanity's relationship with them in its quest for knowledge.  I'll let the poem speak for itself.  And without further ado, the poem:

In those days so long ago
Before the winds of Zephyrus did blow
Before Helios' rays did shine
Before mortal tongues tasted of Dionysian wine
The was in Africa a hairless ape that had learned to stand
This hairless ape was known as Man
Man found his world to be quite odd
So to explain it man turned to gods
Gods of the earth and gods of sea
And gods of just about everything there could be
But as Man moved out of Africa
To spread to all corners of the Earth to multiply
Man began to ask himself why
In Egypt and Greece man turned to the sky
And then did answers multiply
But as Man embarked on this knowledge quest
He began to discard his gods
"It's only for the best"
"But wait," said man
"Just maybe perhaps"
"We'll fill what we don't know with gods of gaps"
Time moved on and knowledge collected
And yet somehow the gods were protected
From criticisms small and great
For it was said those who doubted made the gods irate
Though many cast doubt the gods seemed here to stay
For on Man's heart they still held sway
Yet many were lost along the way
Victims to rationality on might say
But even to this jolly day
Though it may still seem odd
The world is still filled with many gods
Gods of love and gods of strife
Gods who promise eternal life
Yet as we keep all these gods in good jest
We must recall
That all gods' origins are from the beating heart within man's chest

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