Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fan Art and Commissions #1

I thought I'd take this post to share some of the fan art of my works and art commissions I've had made.  I've got a few, and they're ever growing, but I decided that five was a good place to start with. First up we've got some fan art based on Adventures of the Silver Bullets, the fanfiction magnum opus I never got around to completing.  These two were created by zeneria29, a very talented artist from Thailand.  She might have trouble with English, but she knows enough to get by and is a very sweet person.

That's Percy Jackson and Kurumu Kurono.  Yes, I didn't intend to ship them, but I wound up doing so anyway.  Hey, what the point of crossover if they don't eventually lead to crossover ships?  Well, there's actually a lot of other reasons I like crossover fanfiction, but crossover ships are always a bonus.  Anyway, let's move on to some more commissioned art. 

We've got Princess Celestia, Shrek, Urd, Holo, L and Elsa.  This would have been from L's days at magic school with his harem, yes, even Shrek and Princess Celestia.  If I'd gotten to that bit it would have essentially deconstructed Harry Potter and related series, and thrown some new twists onto the harem genre.  And who would L have ended up with?  Why all of the above of course!  Now then, let's move onto covers of my maps.

You may recall a map I made entitled The Saracen and The Cross, about a world where the Crusades are a success.  Despite some good ideas it did have it's flaws.  However, one of the map makers from created this map based on my map.  I love how it retains many of the ideas from my original map, but it also expands upon them and adds even more new and great ideas.  He also made this really long write up about this world, and if I find it I'll be sure to link to it.  Still, look at all the text on that map.

These next two are created by a very talented artist named Shinoharaa, real name Alan Garcia, from Brazil.  I mean would you just look at the quality!  It looks like it might as well be official artwork.  I was hoping to raise awareness of Spice and Wolf, and I figured no better way than Holo in a Sailor Senshi uniform.  It also a voice actress joke, unintentionally (for Sailor Moon Crystal anyway). 

Yet another winner from Shinoharaa.  This time with Urd as Sailor Pluto.  Yeah, you're probably detecting a pattern here.  When I commission something I usual go for something I couldn't get just anywhere.  I know what I'm a fan of, and the artist I contact know how to bring my visions to life.  That's all.

Honorable mention goes to the Flag of British Korea I collaborated with Laqueesha to make, and which can be found over at Alternate History Weekly Update, as well as over here.  Well, that's enough art for one blog post.  I'll be sure to do this again in the future.  I hope you enjoyed this tour of some of my fan art and commissions.  Until next time.   

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