Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Flag of the American Empire

This is the flag of the Empire of America. It comes from a world where, following the American Revolution, George Washington was able to convince the newly formed nation to declares him emperor. Despite being called an empire the nation is a constitutional monarchy. Emperors are elected by the people and serve a lifetime term, and Congress still wields a considerable amount of power. The Empire of America spans all of North America as well as a considerable chunk of South America.

The colors, as well as the eagle, is a reference to how America views itself as the heir and modern day incarnation of the Roman Empire. Indeed, much of America's government is closely modeled on that of Ancient Rome. The cross is a reference to America's ties to England, but is not intended to represent Christianity. Despite much debate, it was decided that the empire would have no official religion. The single stripe the unity and equality of all citizens of the empire.

By the present day the Empire of America is a major international power and a leader in technology and the arts. The empire has begun to extend its reach into space with colonies on The Moon, Venus Mars, and even missions to Jupiter and Saturn. America remains a land of many political parties, from Republicans who want to abolish the monarchy, to Crown Loyalists who support it, to Pirates who want Internet piracy to no longer be a crime, but despite it all most are still happy to support the emperor and toast to his health.

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