Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Flag of the Socialist Republic of Korea

This is the flag of the Socialist Republic of Korea. It comes from a world where North Korea won the Korean War. With all of Korea United under a single socialist government this Korea never experienced the rise of Juche and the overall quality of life is much higher than in our world's North Korea. Having said that, quality of life is also much lower than in our world's South Korea. Over the years the government has begun to loosen its grip and liberalize, and each year sees more foreign in investors and business invest in Korea.

Relations between the United States and Korea were initially rather frosty, but in recent years things have begun to warm up once again. In the absence of a capitalist Korea, the United Sates has increased its military bases in Japan. In general, this Korea is comparable to our world's Vietnam.

Speaking of Vietnam, in this world Vietnam is still divided between a capitalist south and a socialist north. North Vietnam has proven to be a tiger economy and is quickly earning its place in global pop culture thanks to V-Pop music. South Vietnam, by contrast, has grown increasingly authoritarian and increasingly paranoid. The two Vietnams have technically been a war for many years, but no shots have been fired…for now anyway. 

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