Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Flag of the Minoan Empire

It's been a while since I last posted a flag.  I usually like posting maps and flags together, but after doings some thinking about it I've decided that I'm more of a flag guy and a map guy.  As such I'm cranking up production on my flags and putting maps on the back-burner for the moment.

Anyway, here's the flag this post is about:

This is the flag of the Minoan Empire.  It comes from a world where the eruption of Thera never happened.  As a result the Minoan civilization continued to flourish and eventually went on to conquer the Mycenaeans.  The Minoans forged several trade networks and founded an empire that stretched across the Mediterranean.  The Minoan conquest of the Mycenaeans meant that Ancient Greek civilization, as we know it, never came to be.  

The Minoan Empire prospered for many centuries, but just as Greece and Rome did in our world, eventually it had to come to an end.  However, just as later civilizations looked to Greece and Rome for influence and inspiration, so to did the future civilizations of this world look to the Minoans.  Minoan culture cast a heavy shadow on future civilizations, and the legacy of the art and ideas would live on even after thousands of years.

The dark purple represents the wine-dark sea, and the Minoans control over it.  The golden axes are Labrys, a type of double bladed ax commonly found in Minoan artwork and ruins.  They are believed to have symbolized authority. I figured a bulls head was a bit too obvious a route and wanted to do something a bit more unique. 

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