Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Flag of Spanish Australia

I meant to do something special fro Easter, so to make up for it here's a new flag:

This is the flag of Spanish Australia.  It's from a world where Spain launched an attack on the British colonies in Australia in 1790.  This was because the Spanish believed British Australia was a treat to their Pacific colonies.  A few years prior to the invasion the British colonies suffered a number of setbacks that made their future uncertain.  The Spanish filled Australia with colonist not only from Spain, but also from across their colonies in the Americas.  This diverse group of colonists have Spanish Australia a very cosmopolitan feel to it as the years went on.  

Spanish Australia comprises most of the continent plus the north island of New Zealand.  The French establish a colony of their own in Western Australia and the South Island of New Zealand.  The Spanish and French mutually supported their colonial efforts in order to keep the British out of Australia, and the two Australias are allies to this day.  Spanish Australia is also quite loyal to its mother nation and is a happy member of the Spanish Commonwealth.  Spain did a much better job administering and retaining its colonies and in time organized them into a Commonwealth.     

The red and gold stripes are a reference to the nation's Spanish heritage.  The bull is a reference to the important role that ranching has played in the history of Spanish Australia.  The purple stands for wealth gain by the opal and gold rushes as well as the nation's loyalty to the Commonwealth.  

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