Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Flag of the Egyptian Empire

It's that time again at long last: time for another alternate history flag I created!

This is the flag of the Egyptian Empire.  It comes from a world where Ancient Egypt continued its trading expeditions and continued to expand its territory.  As a result, even the gold mine in Egypt began to dry up the empire continued to remain strong.  In time the Egyptian Empire would stretch from the Nile Delta to the Cape of Good Hope.  Egypt would also go on to establish colonies in South America and Australia.  Egypt continued to practice its traditional religion of many gods.  It went through a brief bout of missionary fever, but for the most part Egyptians aren't too pushy about religion and have a live and let live attitude.  

Egypt has maintained with the kingdoms of Tartessos, Etruscan and Albion; as well as the empires of the Hellenes and Etruscans.  Nevertheless, many of these European kingdoms have expressed interest in forming a political union in order to curb Egypt's power.  Historically, China has been Egypt's primary international rival.  In more recent times, however, Japan had begun to both China and Egypt and run for their money.  Egypt and Japan are currently competing to see who can construct the first space elevator.

Egypt's government is a constitutional monarchy.  The Pharaoh is technically still the head of state, but has largely become a symbolic/religious position, and the Pharaoh is no long believed to be a living god.  The real power is in the hands of the House of Life and the House of Peoples.  The House of Life is composed of experts in various fields that have been hand-picked by Pharaoh; while the House of Peoples contains representatives that have elected by the people.  The leader of the House of Peoples is the Chief Lecter, a prime minister of sorts. 

The blue and black represent the ancient view of Egypt as a slab of clay afloat on the sea.  This view has obviously been disproven, but the symbolism is still often used to represent Egypt.  The gold eye is of course the Eye of Horus.  A symbol since ancient times, it's represents the gods watching over Egypt and her peoples. 

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